3. Hubert Czerepok’s Madness is Like Gravity- part of 19th Biennale of Sydney at Museum of Contemporary Art Australia

  4. Dysideological Principle- a mixed-media installation by Tinka Pittoors, 19th Biennale of Sydney

  5. Last day of Christian Boltanski’s Chance at Carriageworks today

  6. Calico Cat Café in Shinjuku- one of the cat cafés we visited in Japan. The concept may sound weird to many but it was a fun experience for pet lovers like us. The cats look like they are well taken care of, unlike what we’ve read about owl cafés in Japan. I wish we had cat cafés in Sydney!

  7. Shinjuku

  8. Shinjuku lights

  9. War Is Over! (if you want it): Yoko Ono at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia last weekend

  10. Just wanted to share the few photos I took from our day at Tokyo DisneySea- The whole place is a visual feast but I had to restrain myself from spending too much time taking photos as I did not want to spoil our DisneySea experience. It’s hard not to love this place… even if you’re not into the cute stuff. Mermaid Lagoon was my favourite! I also enjoyed all the Disney-type music that they play throughout the park. It all felt like a part of a really nice dream. Happiest place on Earth indeed.